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Annual Show 2018

WHAGA's Annual Show for 2018 will be held in Vaughan School on Saturday 8th September.
There will be some amazing vegetables, fruit and flowers on display as well as mouth watering cakes and jars of goodies.
But the show is also about celebrating another year of hard work and enthusiasm and members are encouraged to put their produce on display. Entry is cheap and you never know - the pride of getting awarded a prize may make up for all that back breaking work and you could walk away with a whole pound. It is the enjoyment of being part of a community so put in your entries and join in the fun.

The schedule is here Show Schedule 2018

A guide to how to show is here WHAGA Showing Guidelines

Annual Show 2017

The annual show was another great success. There were some amazing vegetables on display.

The vegetable displays were dominated by Peter Weller and Graham Weidle who were competing for the title of "Master Vegetable Grower". Peter's long parsnip probably edged it for him.

Graham Weidle did better than everybody else in the floral classes for the second year in a row

Maureen Jordan was the best in the domestic classes.

Full results Full results:

Pictures from the show Show pictures:

Annual plot competition

The plot competition looks at all the plots on the West Harrow site and awards prizes to those considered best. The Judges use a number of different criteria.
Chris Kasch won the full plot competition for the third year running.
Pam and Dave Marshall were runners up for the third year running.
Both plots are a tribute to the amount of hard work put in by the plot holders and an example to those of us who just manage to keep the slugs, pigeons and magpies at bay.
The half plot competition was one by

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