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West Harrow Allotment and Garden Association

What's in store

The store has the usual horticultural supplies from compost to slug pellets all at great prices.

The store is open on Saturday afternoons from 2 till 4 during February to September and on Sunday mornings from 10 till 12 throughout the year.

Onion sets 95p per bag

Potatoes - 40p per pound or 25 Kg bag for £20 - remember to bring a bag

Suttons Seeds

The latest Suttons Seed catalogue is now available in the hut. It is also on line at Suttons seeds
Members can get a 35% discount on seeds and a 10% discount on other items either by using a form available in the hut or on line using a code available from the hut.
We would recommend this great deal especially as the Association get an additional percentage of the order.

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