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West Harrow Allotment and Garden Association

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Pictures of the 2017 show

Picture Gallery for the 2017 show

Chris Kasch Peter Weller Graham Weidle
Chris Kasch - Banksian Medal Peter Weller - Kath Muriss Trophy, Garden News Shield and Alice Hill Cup Graham Weidle - George Brooks Trophy and Mary Francis Bowl
Mark Mulvenna Ian McCormack Maureen Jordan
Mark Mulvenna and Ian McCormack - Association Cup (Joint) Ian McCormack - Best in Show Flowers Maureen Jordan - Audrey Cole Cup, Best in Cookery
Harding Ingrid Crawley Handicaft
John Harding - National Dahlia Society Certificate Ingrid Crawley - Best Handicraft Handicraft Exhibit
All Dahlias all veg Most Potatos
Mass of Dahlias Vegetables Just one plant from Graham Weidle
Bread Fruit Cakes sponge cakes
Bread class Light fruit cakes Sponge Cakes

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